Certo drug test

There are tons of videos on youtube promoting various home remedies to pass a drug test. These methods are popular because these are usually easy and very cheap, I think being cheap is the main point. Why would anyone try to take niacin pills for example? Certo method is the same, it requires two bags of sure jell and a bottle of water, all the ingredients together are under 10$, this is the only reason why people still keep searching for these methods, even if there are great detox drinks and synthetic urine what are almost 100% safe to use and the chance of failing is ridiculously low.

Methods that are not recommended to pass a drug test:

I think the worst home remedies for drug test is niacin. Only an idiot would promote this method because no one knows the proper dosage of niacin pills and no one really understands how can this exactly help you to pass a drug test. Detox drinks are clear, it mask toxins in your system then you can submit the urine in the window period and your sample will be clean, but what about niacin?

I have asked this question a couple of times from those who recommend niacin pills, but I have never received a proper answer, they usually say, just because it works..oh well. If I were you I wouldn’t risk my job with a method like that.

Sure jell drug test method

Sure jell or certo method is a little bit better and we know how it works, but still, I would recommend it, unless you have no other choice. After you mixed Certo with water drink it and it will cover your kidney for a couple of hours so “dirty urine” won’t leave your body.

The sample what you submit supposed to be clean toxin free. Well, this is how it should work, but I know a few guys who have tried this method, followed the instructions to the T, but still failed. If you insist to use this method, then had a bottle of mega clean earlier, just to make things sure.

Sure jell drug test method alone, without exercising, detoxing your body and without any supplement (toxin rid pills or detox drinks) is extremely risky and you will most likely fail.

Other stupid methods such as drinking 10 gallons of water and having a shitload of cranberry juice are also complete bullshit methods, use them as a part of your drug detox program and your chances to pass will be a lot higher, but alone, they are not enough to detox your system and pass a drug test.

This will be a short article on synthetic urine. Someone asked me how to use synthetic urine and what are the most crucial parts of using fake urine for a drug test. Well, the most important thing is the urine must be quality. Please do not buy magnum and similar crap, because the chances that you will fail are huge.

It must contain several chemicals, without these chemicals, you are buying yellow colored water and I don’t think you want that. The best synthetic urine brands are Sub Solution, Quick Fix, and Monkey whizz. Check out this video on Sub Solution Synthetic urine:

The other most important thing is you need to keep the urine warm, If it’s not on the right temperature, they will refuse to take your urine sample and you will be tested again. So once again, it’s crucial to keep the urine on the right temperature.

The best synthetic urine, as I mentioned earlier called sub solution and it comes with heat activator powder and a flask with a thermometer. It’s really easy to use and almost foolproof. If you decide to buy Quick Fix, Monkey Whizz or any other synthetic urine, then you will need to microwave it first, then wrap it with hand warmers to keep the temperature.

If you would like to learn more about synthetic urine, check out my previous post as well.