bad efefcts of drugs

Drugs use, vary with the type of drug being referred. They are known to affect the mental and physical health of a person. Drugs like cocaine, ecstasy alcohol, and other psychoactive drugs are known to have serious side effects when they are misused and on the other side pharmaceutical drugs like paracetamol help in curing one’s body thus having a positive effect.

Drug use can have a wide range of effects. These effects depend on the kind of drug used, the method of taking and other factors. The effects can be either long term and short term, mental or physical.

Mental health

Drugs are known to have temporary and false happiness to the user. Chronic use of these drugs can lead to both short- and long-term changes in the brain which affects the mental health of a person. This drug can interfere with your brain causing mental health. Example alcohol will make one feel happy while taking it but afterward the happiness fades away the moment you sober up. Drugs can expose bad feelings you never knew you had.

Some short-term effects are paranoia, depression, anxiety, aggression, and hallucinations. On the long-term effect, drugs can cause permanent mental illness. Majority of the mentally ill people either overdosed a drug causing permanent mental health. How does it happen when you overdose a drug it may disrupt a chemical balance in your brain causing permanent mental illness.

Physical health

Physical health is the general body appearance of someone. Drugs are known to affect someones physical health. Generally, the body of someone using drugs appears malnourished in most cases. This could be because they are more fixed into taking drugs more than eating, or sometimes they lack appetite. Drug abuser sometimes induces themselves with the drug with a needle and most of the time-shared needles.

The sharing can cause the spread of diseases that are transmitted through blood such as HIV and AIDS. This surely is a long-term effect since the person infected will have to be under medication for the rest of their lives. When someone uses the drugs for long, somebody organs can be destroyed or damaged completely. Liver and kidney are some internal organs that are destroyed slowly with time, and we know how important they are to the body system. If these body organs are damaged, the only way to help is by doing a transplant.


Drugs can have both a good effect and a bad effect on our health. However, if the drugs are misused the effects can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. It is good to regulate the intake of drugs to prevent the bad effects associated with it like addiction, mental health, and some physical health. Drug misuse, in general, can cause other effects like unwanted or early pregnancy or accidents; this is because drugs distort someone’s brain. If you must take drugs, take as prescribed by a doctor or a physician