As I mentioned in my previous article, the best and safest way to pass a urine test is using high-quality synthetic urine, my go-to brands are Sub Solution and Quick Luck, but if its a simple urine test at Walmart or KFC you can use Quick Fix or Monkey whizz, both brands will do the job. They contain biocide which is a chemical that normally not found in human pee, and LabCorp and some other testing labs started to look for these chemicals in urine samples if a biocide is present that means the sample is fake and you are busted.

However if its a simple pee test the lab most likely not going to search for these chemicals in your sample, if it’s on the right temperature and toxin free, you are almost guaranteed to pass. It’s important to mention that some labs (depends on the client) might check for the presence of urea and uric acid (this is where many synthetic urines would fail immediately). Urea, uric acid, and balanced PH levels are a must in 2019, without these no synthetic urine are safe.

One more way to fail with cheaper brands like XStream, Upass, Magnum or even with Quick Fix if the lab assistant checks the sample carefully. A high-quality pee should have natural yellow pee color, it should look and smell like real urine (Sub Solution even has some foam!). However cheaper brands tend to have an unnatural greenish color, none of them smell like pee and none of them have foam. Most likely the assistant not going to smell or shake your sample, but still it’s a possible scenario. There is a youtube video online that tells lab assistants how to spot fake samples.

Most Important Reason Synthetic Urine Might Fail

The third and most common way to fail a test with synthetic urine is not bringing the sample to the right temp. It should be between 90-100 if its colder or warmer the lab will reject it right away. Normal fake urine brands don’t come with heat activator powder, which makes the whole process much harder. It’s very easy to overheat urine with microwave, it’s also to keep it warm while you are on your way to the lab. Some heating pads are good, but some are very bad quality.

Some are broken and you won’t notice it just in the very last minute. So I highly suggest you invest a little bit more and purchase a trusted, high-quality synthetic urine kit like Sub Solution or Quick luck.

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How To Smuggle Urine Into The Testing Room

Ok so now we know what are the synthetic urine brands we should avoid, also what are the most common reasons why people fail a drug test with synthetic pee. It’s also important to hide the urine well, so you can smuggle it to the testing room without any problem. It’s actually quite simple, do not overcomplicate it, just hide it in your underwear. You can buy special undies for smuggling urine, but I think any regular underwear would work.

No one going to touch you there for sure, so you can bring it in without taking any risk. Same for ladies, some company might try to sell you some special female urine devices, but these are completely unnecessary. Just buy a bottle of Sub Solution synthetic urine fill it up with lukewarm water, head to the lab. When you inside add the urine powder, shake it, then add the heat activator, and you are good to go!