easiest way to pass a drug test

There are a couple of ways to pass a urine drug test, many people think every single detox products are crap, synthetic urine doesn’t work, never worked and the only way to detox your system naturally or by drinking an excessive amount of water or cranberry juices.

These are not true, first detox products (if they are quality) do work and the best way to pass a urine drug test is actually using fake pee. The best synthetic urine kits come with heat activator powder, heat pads, urine flask with a built-in thermometer (so you can check the temperature anytime) and the urine formula contains every main chemical that is normally found in human pee. In this post I will go thorugh the possible ways to pass a urine drug test, and I am going to mention a few synthetic urine brands that I would personally recommend, but If you would like to read a really detailed synthetic urine review, I would recommend Lpath.com, they have plenty of synthetic urine related articles: how to keep urine warm, what are the best and worst brands, synthetic urine reviews, hell…they even have an article on how to make fake urine at home.

Methods That Don’t Work To Pass A Urine Test

The most popular methods to pass pee test are actually home remedies, stupid home remedies such as using baking powder, drinking Azul tea (it’s actually healthy), Cranberry Juice, Niacin (dangerous and stupid combination), cream of Tartar and of course the Certo Method.

The Certo Sure Jell drug test method has the best success ratio, but it’s still quite low, around 50% fails and 50% passes. I have a friend who used to work in a lab and he told me that more and more people try this stupid Certo method because of youtube videos and more and more people fail. Many of them have diluted sample, some of the nonnatural chemicals in their pee and so on. The point is there are much more people fail their drug test by home remedies such as the Certo method than with synthetic urine or professional detox products.

how to pass a drug test

Detox Pills and Detox Drinks

Let’s forget these dumb home remedies, a drug test is serious stuff, you don’t wanna lose your job and don’t want to go to jail just because of some smart ass youtube who promotes home remedies for a drug test. There are two ways:

Using detox pills: Detox pills actually work very well if you choose the right brand. These pills should be taken during your natural detox routine (drinking water, eating healthy and exercising regularly) If you chose the right brand and your detox routine is good enough, these pills will speed up the detoxification process from anywhere from 50 to 60%. The best detox pills on the market are Toxin Rid, Rescue detox and herbal pre-cleanse formula, I might post an article later about these pills.

Using a detox drink: Detox drinks work the similar way as Certo, they coat your kidney, mask toxins in your system say it as you wish the main point is both methods makes toxins invisible for a couple of hours, that’s why it’s recommended to take the test 2-3 hours after drinking the detox solution. Like I said they work a similar way the only difference is these are professional products.

These detox drinks contain the required amount from everything so your chances to fail are much much lower than using Sure Jell. One more thing, many Certo sample is rejected because they are too diluted (according to the Certo method you need to drink several bottles o water and pee 3-4 times before the test. If you flush out the vitamins as well that’s why your urine will look like water and this is one of the main reason you will fail with Certo), professional products come with added B12 vitamin so your sample will look like healthy human urine.

Using detox drinks for a drug test is safer than detox pills and much safer than home remedies, but still not as safe as using synthetic urine for a drug test. The chances to fail with a high-quality synthetic urine brand is almost 0.

Using Fake Pee For Drug Test

My number one method to pass a simple urine pre-employment drug test is using high-quality fake urine. My go-to synthetic urine kit brands are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Both brands are top-rated, they come with 10+ different chemicals that every fake urine should contain, the includes heat activator powder and a flask with a built-in thermometer.

My Synthetic Urine Review

synthetic urine reviews

I have posted a synthetic urine review earlier, as I remember it was U pass synthetic urine or Xstream, so the point of the review was, my buddy failed his test last year because it wasn’t on the right temperature, these heating pads are very unreliable. I got this response from another member:

„Sounds like your problem was the temperature and on you. I’ve used ultra-pure myself half a dozen times between 2011-2015 when quick fix plus wasn’t available and I’ve never had an issue.

I’ve always kept a digital thermometer with me to double-check the temperature and the temp strips were always correct. I’ve passed several lab tests and several instant cup tests. I even used it when I used synthethix5 at a lab and they said the ph was off and let me retest, used ultra pure and passed. With that said, if quick fix is available I’ll still buy that regardless of the price.

However, I haven’t taken a test in the last 2 years and from what I’ve read certain labs and POSSIBLY certain cup tests are able to detect synthetic because either it contains abnormally high levels of cortisol or it contains biocide (which isn’t naturally in the human body) which is used to prevent the urea from degrading. From what I’ve read, it started in legal weed states a year or two ago and LabCorp recently bought out a lab that was able to detect synthetic so now all LabCorp tests can detect it (NOTE: the truth is they can only detect synthetic urine with Biocide in it).

This is just what I’ve read from extensive online research. I bought quick fix for today, I can pass a drug test but I’ve prescribed two controlled substances and would rather they not know. Now i don’t know if i should use synthetic at all cause it’s seemingly becoming a gamble.”

Sub Solution& Quick Luck: The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For A Drug Test

It’s all true for low-quality synthetic urine brands, actually not just for the low-quality ones. Better ones like Quick Fix 6.2 and Monkey Whizz still can fail a LabCorp lab test recently because they test the sample for biocide, and its presence in every single synthetic urine brand on the market except Sub Solution and Quick Luck Synthetic urine.

These two are the best synthetic urine kits on the market in 2019, they are expensive, but quality is never cheap, hopefully, Quick Fix will update its formula and 6.3 won’t contain biocide, but as long as it does, its not recommended to use Quick Fix synthetic urine for more complex drug tests.

If you use Sub Solution or Quick Luck, the only way to fail the test if you mess the temperature, but its quite simple to use them, fill the flask with lukewarm water, add the urine powder, shake it for 30 seconds, wait a few seconds, then add the 1/3 of the heat activator, it should be enough the raise the urine temperature between 90-100, if for any reason its still below 90, just add a bit more powder and you are good to go.

The whole process takes around two minutes. It’s an idiot-proof the pass 99% of the urine tests. In my next article, I will talk about other synthetic urine brands and recommend you some safe ways to smuggle urine to the testing lab.

If you are still scared, I would strongly recommend a practice kit! Its Clear Choice’s new product. Its a urine flask with a built-in thermometer, heat activator powder and a heating pad. This way you can prepare for the test, you will be confident in the testing room, you will need how heat activator works and how much should you use to raise urine’s temperature to the right level. If you buy the practice kit, its quite pricy, one single kit costs 65$, I would recommend buying it combined with Sub Solution or Quick Luck, this way you can get 35$ off. I know Sub Solution and Quick Luck is both very expensive compared to other synthetic urine brands but trusts me guys, both works like a charm. If you want to be a 100% safe, Clear Choice Urine is the way to go.